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Alexander Collinson 

Sound Design - Narrative Environments - Composition 

Memoirs of the Blitz is a multi-sensory exhibition that allows visitors to hear and interact with original oral history accounts by those who were children during World War II. Memoirs of the Blitz is currently situated at Bentley Priory Museum and runs until the end of 2022.

Designed and curated by: Alexander Collinson 


Working in collaboration with Studio H2E, Alexander produced the overall sonic palette for the exhibition creating an evocative soundtrack for the museum as visitors find themselves following a journey though the labyrinth of darkness leading to a thread of light.

Visual identity for Dobele Livonian Order Castle

Working in collaboration with Studio H2E as part of Dobele’s visual identity, Alexander produced the soundtrack for the central hall which welcomes visitors to the castle along with a working castle life soundscape in the  basement corridors of the castle.

London 2030

A futures project collaboration between Central Saint Martins and The London Transport Museum, Alexander was responsible for sound design across all multimedia assists. He also contributed to the narrative development and design of the ‘Acton 2030’ short film.

Defending Britain From Nazi & Nuclear Threat 

Working with Bentley Priory Museum, Alexander helped develop multimedia assists for a temporary exhibition based about oral history accounts collected about those who worked at RAF Bentley Priory’s top secret bunker. The project further expanded to a permanent exhibition in which Alexander helped contribute to the interpretation along with sound assets.

Deported 1948

Deported 1948 tells the story of a 18 year old Lithuanian woman who found herself deported to a remote region of Russia during the soviet occupation of Lithuania and surrounding Baltic states. 

The video was produced, directed and written by Alexander as a concept for a future exhibition 


Unsound is a sonic art piece composed and written by Alexander as a concept to be shown in an art gallery environment..

Leonardo da Vinci and Perpetual Motion


A temporary exhibition situated in Florence, Italy, Alexander was responsible for sound design and music composition on part of the animated multimedia featured in the exhibition.

Leonardo da Vinci and Perpetual Motion: Visualising Impossible Machines


Alexander was responsible for Sound design aiding visual media assist including the development of an Augmented Reality app. Along with soundtrack composition for the exhibition gallery.

Tate Exchange: Future Medina 


Throughout a week of audio collection though workshops the project ended with a live audio visual performance in the Switch House at Tate Modern.

© Alexander Collinson 2022

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